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Whether your goals are inward looking - at your own customer service business processes, creating efficiencies, improving quality, and lowering costs; 

or outward looking - at how you serve your customers, their experiences and perceptions  

- we can help

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ServiceCX provides Calabrio One Workforce Optimisation consultancy and professional services. As a certified Calabrio partner we can advise on industry best practices and implementation services for Calabrio One solutions.


There are always so many things you want to do to improve your customer service, so take the first step... choose any of our specialist customer service improvement areas and use our Transformation Services to help you get to grips with new ways to serve your customers and empower your workforce.


ServiceCX are dedicated to solving tomorrow's customer service challenges using expertise gained through years of deploying similar solutions, supporting your own journey to achieve this. We bring innovative transformational ideas for you to consider.  We will show you how this can be achieved in a way that suits your needs with our unique combination of solutions and tailored services.

  • Record your front office and back office calls with screen activity during the call, audit your quality,

  • Create precise and consistent contact evaluations, improve  appraisals, plan improvements, create gamification among individuals and teams

  • Enable access to your services via mobile apps and visual IVR

  • Develop Customer Service Portals for easy access to your services

  • Automate the mundane internal business processes to reduce your customer service case resolution time

  • Unify desktop applications and use robotic processes and chatbots for everyday tasks

  • Plan, Forecast and Schedule workload with WFM

  • Manage skills coverage and service quality

  • Empower your service staff to plan and schedule 

  • Meet your PCI compliance needs

  • ... Consolidate data, analyse, improve

Find out how to differentiate your Customer Service

Through the selective use of integrated applications that, combined with the services of an expert partner, boost your level of efficiency,  increase your customer's access to your business and provides business intelligence that will drive your organisation's bottom line.

We can provide wide range of cloud based services and solutions 

Cloud Contact Centre

  • Global leader

  • Outstanding reliability

  • Cloud versatility

  • Start small and grow

  • On demand expansion and contraction

  • Expert analytics

  • Access anywhere

  • Industry leading Customer Service Management integrated throughout your organisation

  • Empower digital access to all your services

  • Use the depth of your organisations skills to speed up service response

  • Streamline call flow, work flow and service case management

  • Automate the mundane, choose robotic action or blend with agent assistance.

Customer Service Management

Workforce Optimisation

  • Call recording

  • Screen recording

  • Quality Management

  • Workforce Management

  • Desktop analytics

  • Text analytics

  • Speech analytics

  • Advanced Business Intelligence and Reporting

Autonomous Operations

  • Agent Guidance -contextual scripting with next best action to dive agent productivity

  • Desktop Automation - Software robots that interpret needs and interacting with your systems to predict next action and fulfil agent tasks

  • Personal Assistants, Visual IVR and 'Chatbots' - use AI to interact with customers, web/mobile selection interfaces and offer Knowledge Articles to direct customers to contextual content or link to live Agents

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