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A fully integrated console, Acronis Cyber Protection gives you complete control over how your data is stored and managed.  It is a low-cost solution that is accessible from a single platform, which protects all data, applications and systems through five levels of integration.

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Safety: Ensuring that a reliable copy of your business data is always available

Accessibility: Making it data easily available from anywhere at any time

Privacy: Control who has visibility and access to company data 

Authenticity: Have undeniable proof a copy is an exact replica of the original 

Security: Protect your data, apps and systems against malicious agent

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Get #cyberfit and download your
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Designed to simplify and streamline your data needs without complicated set-up and ongoing maintenance, Acronis Backup is the industry’s only Artificial Intelligence based anti-ransomware technology that you can independently control.

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As service management experts, and with over 20 years in the industry, our teams at Service CX understand business dependability on data, which is why we have partnered with Acronis, global leaders in cyber security.

Together we offer a fully integrated security solution that empowers you to fight back against cyber-attacks with smarter technology.

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