Autonomous Customer Service Applications

The Jacada Interact Platform is a rich set of applications that drive autonomy within your contact centre operations and interact with customers to enhance your service

The Unified agent desktop interface provides all the agent applications, tools, links to do their job... then adds features like ...

Agent Guidance

Contextual scripting for next best action guidance

Desktop Automation

Software robots that interpret respond and   communicate with your systems

Personal Assistant

An AI chatbot or Intelligent Assistance acts as a personalised digital helper

For customer self-service, we develop solutions that guide your customers through a digital support experience that they can access on the web, via mobile apps, phone or any other communication channel.

This ensures that your own customers have access to the help they need without involving your contact centre agents.

Express your IVR options within a digital application to significantly reduce customer effort.

The Jacada Intelligent Assistant is a virtual customer assistant that engages your customers in automated conversation to answer their questions or complete transactions on their behalf.  

We us the best of breed natural language understanding with back end systems and robotic processing.  

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