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Manage, create &
protect data better 

ServiceCX is your all-in-one data management and solution provider that manages, creates and protects all your data to enhance your customer service experience.


Our solutions

These solutions are an extension to our platform – they all work better together.



Enhance your customer service platform 
with telephony


Data backup and anti-ransomware


The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

Why use ServiceCX’ Backup

ServiceCX is your all-in-one data management solution. Digitally transform your data and create a customer focused company – in today’s customer-centric world. The concept of transformation is not new; indeed, companies have always had to innovate and adapt. What has changed is that now digital technologies are driving a paradigm shift in customer and employee expectations. Today’s customers choose to engage with organisations that can provide them with a personalised, hassle-free and complete experience. At ServiceCX, that is exactly what we do. Our raison d’être is to work with you, as a partner, de-mystify the technology choices and assist you in your transformational journey.

Transform your system to become more productive – Use ServiceCX to create a better customer service experience, contact your customers and protect your data with ease.


Managing your customer data with an all-in-one solution

As specialists in customer service management, we at ServiceCX combine the best customer experience practices with forward-thinking solutions. Our solutions include a customer service management platform, telephony, and data backup & anti-ransomware protection. Together with all our solutions it creates an omnichannel integration with excellent customer experience, instantly transforming your digital capabilities through intelligent technology on a single platform.


We are ready for the challenge


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