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Customers can interact with your organisation, either via online self service or with live agents in an instant. Service agents control their own stages of work and contribute to your whole organisation's resource pool to resolve service cases as they move through the process of resolution. 

As a ServiceNow partner our solution of choice for Customer Service transformation is ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM). This suite of applications provide customers with multiple methods of engagement and collaboration, omni-channel communication, product knowledge and notifications, quick response to questions and issues, and efficient case resolution. 

The Customer Service Management application enables you to provide service and support for your customers through communication channels such as web, email, chat, telephone, IVR and social media. Use the personalised self-service web portal to provide information and assistance. Create cases as needed and automatically route cases to available customer service agents with the required skills, availability, and location. Connect customer service agents to other departments to assist with case resolution.

One of the key value propositions of the ServiceNow Now Platform is how it can help organisations manage and automate not only Customer Service processes , but also those that extend across multiple business functions within the enterprise. 

Digital Transformation - what, why, when and how

The Now platform is a highly versatile, integrated solution allowing businesses to rapidly develop automated business processes, providing multiple means of access for customers and staff to interact with the inner workings of an organisation. The platform embraces Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and robotic process automation through its powerful, fully customisable applications.  

As an example, imagine your own complex process for staff on-boarding - this will involve interviews, approvals, offers, contracts, letters, induction, training, IT, HR, security (checks / badges) and more..   Then consider all the tasks that can be automated, now run those tasks in parallel whilst involving the human intervention only when is it required. All  documentation, communications, status updates, tasks, action updates etc. are built into a 'workflow'.  The results are that staff are involved in the process where a human approval or complex input is required, everything else is automatic with progress, reporting and analytics to show how your business process are working.

See how Overstock.com uses ServiceNow to ensure that every new employee hits the ground running

Download the ServiceNow CSM document to appreciate the scope of the platform's capability

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