• Adrian McCann

Change the way you work and do it better

The new dawn has come and what a fantastic opportunity to embrace change. Although we are faced with unprecedented times, the response to remote working has been phenomenal. Across the world, businesses have closed shop and set up work from home, creating a new norm across every industry. More importantly, it has created a more unified and collaborative working culture across all roles of employment.

Employers are more transparent with their employees, communication has improved across teams, services are more refined, and a cross-industry community camaraderie has developed.

But how can we do it better?

It starts with two words. Flexible agents. You know the ones. Those contact centre agent ninjas who can adapt to any end-of-the-world disasters. As flexible as those bendy Tube Men. The one’s we cannot do without.

And to do better we need to empower your agents. It’s as simple as that.

By enabling them to work from any location, device or environment, ensures more than business continuity, it strengthens the lifeline of your business. And this is where Five9 steps in. This might be a new way of working for many but for ServiceCX and award-winning cloud-based contact centre, Five9 this is what we thrive on.

Adapting to change across environments, locations and technology, we create cost-effective solutions that enhance customer service no matter the cause and delivers platforms that empowers your staff.

But how do we deliver?

We empower your staff by building on the technology you already have in place. As Five9 complements your current ServiceNow’s Customer Workflow (CSM) platform, you have the power to expand remotely without integrating a whole new program.

Five9 enables you to improve and adapt to any situation by giving you complete control and visibility of your business and staff, no matter where their desk is located, and providing:

  • Omnichannel interaction

  • Virtual call backs

  • Self-service facilities using IVA

  • Cloud-based collaborative tools

Even better, because it is done remotely, it reduces overheads in the long term.

Working alongside ServiceNow, Five9 transforms your customer service experience as you have transformed your new way of working.

You’ve changed the way you work, now is the time to do it better!

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