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One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya...

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Blondie may have changed history with her song’s lyrics but ServiceNow has transformed customer service with their latest Customer Service Management (CSM) solution.

At ServiceCX, we often hear the customer service challenges businesses continue to face. From reoccurring issues to stagnated communications, siloed departments to outdated process – we hear them all!

However, thanks to ServiceNow’s CSM, companies can now proactively address, react and respond through the integration of intelligent technologies. Enabling companies to have a bird’s eye view of all operational activity, you can now route issues to the appropriate department through initial contact.

To provide an end-to-end, high-quality experience, a new approach is needed, one that moves beyond simply managing customer contacts and individual interactions. The modern customer service organization must connect to every corner of the enterprise, working across the entire company to diagnose, fix, and even prevent issues. By working cross functionally to fix problems for many customers at once instead of addressing issues one-at-a-time, customer service can respond faster to customer concerns with real solutions. And they can move beyond day-to-day demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive real business improvement and growth.

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Capable of delivering automated solutions to reoccurring issues, interactive chatbots and self-service knowledge bases to customers, companies can now proactively manage and resolve major issues, route service requests based on priority, type and customer profiling; and automate tasks across the business.

Collectively working with all departments as well as the customer!

Contributing to a better, end-to-end service that will systematically result in increased customer satisfaction. ‘One way or another’ as Hart sings, we can source the customer needs and meet expectations from one platform.

Happy customers, better business.

In one full sweep, ServiceCX together with global experts in cloud solutions, has revolutionised the customer service dilemma, transforming how customers are treated from beginning to end.

As a certified ServiceNow partner, ServiceCX are customer service specialists dedicated in delivering the best customer service experience through forward-thinking technologies. With over 20 years in the service management industry they are dedicated in providing customer-centric solutions to businesses of all sizes and capabilities.

Watch this space for the next brush in technology innovation.

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