• Adrian McCann

Empower your customers with AI-driven self-service facilities

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

How can Artificial Intelligence empower my customers you may ask?

Thanks to ServiceNow it is not as far-fetched as Back to the Future as it may sound.

With the objective to create a seamless customer service experience, ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management uses intelligent technologies to offer customers AI-driven self-service facilities.

Designed to increase customer satisfaction, the self-service facilities offer automated solutions to recurring issues, conversational answers from a chatbot and access to community forums and knowledge bases.

Giving the customer everything, they need within a few clicks of a button.

Going beyond basic customer relationship management platforms, ServiceNow’s CSM fixes issues before customers contact you – centralised on delivering a platform that processes issue to resolution in one full sweep.

Putting customers in the driving seat, it also offers the customer their choice of contact options through omni-channel engagement. Which, with the intelligent technology, then routes the issue to the relevant department, saving time and resources and most importantly, meeting customer’s expectations instantaneously.

Transforming company’s digital capabilities, ServiceNow’s CSM is the single solution that combines AI with the human element of great customer service. Delivering a traditional customer-focused service through modern technology.

In one full sweep, ServiceCX together with global experts in cloud solutions, has revolutionised the customer service dilemma, transforming how customers are treated from beginning to end.

As a certified ServiceNow partner, ServiceCX are customer service specialists dedicated in delivering the best customer service experience through forward-thinking technologies. With over 20 years in the service management industry they are dedicated in providing customer-centric solutions to businesses of all sizes and capabilities.

Watch this space for the next brush in technology innovation.

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