• Adrian McCann

Addressing customer service dilemmas in one full sweep

Reaching out to customers through their preferred communication channels can be challenging. If pain points are not addressed quickly and effectively, overall customer service can rapidly deteriorate.

Equally, disconnected systems and disjointed processes can affect the morale of the overall team which can have a cascading effect on operational activity.

With over 20 years’ experience in the service management industry and partners of ServiceNow, our dedicated team at ServiceCX are helping to transform the customer service journey through a unified customer-centric solution.

Integrating ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) enables businesses to offer omni-channel engagement, self-service functionalities, knowledge base articles and communication platforms for cross-collaboration between teams.

ServiceNow’s CSM gives customers and internal teams the capabilities to address issues, quickly and effectively, accelerating digital transformation through forward-thinking technologies.

In one full sweep, ServiceCX together with global experts in cloud solutions, has revolutionised the customer service dilemma, transforming how customers are treated from beginning to end.

As a certified ServiceNow partner, ServiceCX are customer service specialists dedicated in delivering the best customer service experience through forward-thinking technologies. With over 20 years in the service management industry they are dedicated in providing customer-centric solutions to businesses of all sizes and capabilities.

Watch this space for the next brush in technology innovation.

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