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Smarter workforce, stronger security

  • Date protected

  • IT team sourced

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  • Network secure

You think you’ve ticked all the boxes for cyber security. Or have you?

A completely innocent and unsuspecting email has come through your network and through one click of a button, a member of staff has accidently leaked your data to a lurking gremlin.

Having a cybersecurity solution may protect the attackers from walking through your door but having a cybersecurity culture installs a ‘be vigilant’ ethos across your teams. By creating a culture of accountability across all divisions ensures that they understand their individual responsibilities, and that of their teams, when it comes to data protection.

The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations’ Report stated that 34% of all breaches in 2018 were caused by insiders, and according to the Insider Data Breach Survey 2019, the average number of incidents involving employee or contractor negligence are rising by 28% per organisation.

How to secure the workplace in five simple steps

Creating a workplace culture is not a five-minute exercise. It takes strategic planning, time and resources, not to mention the buy-in from all members of the business. Below are five steps to building up a cyber-conscious culture in the workplace:

Host regular focus groups

People associate with people. It is quick and easy to send out a mass email instructing staff what to do and not to do, but by hosting a group focus group, enables teams to meet, identify and cultivate the culture you’re working towards.

Be behavioural conscious

In order to change an attitude, you need to change the behaviour of the individual. Start small, invite feedback for changing the culture, find your team’s influencers and create a strategy that incorporates the views of your teams.

Make time for Q&A’s

This is by far the most important part of a culture change as it identifies gaps in knowledge, highlighting areas that you may not have covered when developing your culture strategy. Invite teams for Q&A time on a face to

Train everyone including suppliers & partners

By training all parties relative to the business, steps up your cyber security. Be transparent about the training including the purpose, why it needs their involvement and what you’re working towards. By engaging teams offers a greater chance of corporation and minimises reluctance to change.

Outline personal benefits & review performances

‘But what’s in it for me?’ Through transparency of the culture change, get personal by association. How will it impact them if there is a data breach, what will it do to their devices, what does it mean to be accountable.

As well as securing your business from all angles, by having a more motivated and sustainable work force, is proven to have a positive impact on the working environment, creating links between strong team ethos, great colleague relationships and value-based culture with a positive mental capacity.

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