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Understand the threats & avoid the data breaches

You have the latest cyber security measures in place. You’re locked up like Fort Knox but unbeknown to you there is gremlin lurking in the shadows.

With the majority of businesses installing cybersecurity systems to protect them from the outside, what many businesses do not consider, is that the threat may be coming from inside the organisation.

Insider Data Threats

But what are Insider Data Threats, and can you avoid them?

We like to think we could spot danger a mile away, but Insider Data Threats can be as unsuspecting as a parcel wrapped up with string. Insider Data Threats can vary from a complete accident as a result of an innocent staff member to as malicious as Maleficent herself! Below are three main Insider Data Threats, sourced from Government Europa, to be wary of:

An accidental insider: this threat comes from the accidental leaking or exposing of your network or data by one of your employees. It could involve exposing your network to a malicious link from an email, losing a secure device or accidentally divulging information.

A malicious insider: This kind of threat is from an employee who will attempt to leak confidential data or provide access to your network to a malicious outsider by intentionally sharing passwords or compromising the security system.

Third party access: If you work with third party consultants or contractors who are regularly provided with access to your network then they might present a security risk. They could accidentally or intentionally use that access to view confidential information which would be considered a data breach. Former employees who have not yet had their security permissions revoked should also be considered a threat if they are still able to access their former accounts or information.

Three steps to avoid data breaches

‘Knowledge is power’ certainly resonates here. Understanding where the threats can come from including ‘insider threats’ can have an enormous impact on your security strategy.

Cyber-attacks are imminent. However, what you do to prepare for an attack can significantly reduce the threat. Below are three simple changes you can make to protect your business and reduce the risk of a data breach:

Restrict & regularly review access: Assess and continuously review who has access to sensitive data, looking at login facilities, locality of networks, security credentials etc. This enables you to pre-empt, react and respond to a potential breach risk quickly and effectively.

Create a cyber-conscious culture: Train, train and train your staff so that they know what to look out for, why cybersecurity is important and how it can have severe implications on them as an individual as well as the business.

Set out a Data Use Policy: A Data Use Policy offers a ‘how to guide’ in the IT world, advising employees on what to do when handling sensitive data, how to help prevent accidental insider data breaches, and accountability specifications.

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