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The seamless telephony solution for your ServiceNow CSM


Extend the value of ServiceNow CSM

Complement your existing ServiceNow digital workflows for a complete omnichannel customer service experience with ServiceCX’s telephony solution, 3CLogic, enterprise-grade cloud Contact Centre platform - better together.

Our Contact Centre Integration for your CSM can:

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Solve issues 

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Create productive 
super agents

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Boost customer 

Make the world of work, work even better - for everyone

3CLogic is ranked number 1 for Integration Apps and Call Centre Solution on the ServiceNow Store for a reason. Adding the power and purpose of voice to digital channels is essential to providing superior customer experiences.

Our telephony solution sits on the ServiceNow platform, so there is no longer a need for a third-party call centre application.


Why use Telephony with ServiceNow CSM

Know How Your Customers Feel - Proactively monitor and generate ServiceNow supervisor alerts and tasks based on near real-time sentiment scoring of customer engagements with advanced speech transcription, keyword spotting, and machine learning.

Drive Consolidated Insights - Enjoy consolidated reporting and live dashboards & wallboards within the ServiceNow interface for a complete view of both real-time and historical data and trends.
Greater change management control - The efficiency of department representatives (i.e. Customer Support, Help Desk, HR, etc.) can be enhanced with the use of 3CLogic. This improves administrative visibility into what drives successful customer engagements and outcomes. This is all from one, unified agent and administrative platform for ServiceNow CSM, ITSM or HR.

The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

Drive amazing customer service outcomes with a fully enabled, enterprise-grade cloud Call Centre solution.

Self-service, chat and chatbots can go only so far. Transitioning seamlessly to the best live agent and populating the agent’s screen with all the relevant customer’s information will turn a potentially disastrous customer interaction into a positive outcome.

A poorly conceived IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can ruin a customer’s journey, leaving them frustrated and destroying enormous amounts of goodwill. IVR Analytics provides you with forensic capabilities and insights into your IVR flows, uncovering bottlenecks, inefficiencies and hang-ups.


Turning Insights into Action

How did a phone conversation really go between an agent and a customer? Reliance on agents notes (assuming they entered any) might not provide a complete and accurate view. Our solution gives you the ability to transcribe calls, apply speech analytics and produce actionable data.