Watch the customer service Workforce optimisation (WFO) demo to learn how ServiceCX with Calabrio ONE can help you:

  • Deliver outstanding omnichannel customer experiences

  • Increase agent retention with customised scorecards, interactive evaluations and employee engagement tools

  • Make it easier to identify high-risk activity trends and track script adherence and compliance rates in near real-time

  • Turn your contact center into a business intelligence hub with advanced analytics and reporting tools

Work Force Optimisation

WFO is a suite of applications that are designed to optimise the way you run your customer service centres, they provide a full range of management 'tools' to get the best out of your valuable and skilled teams, help you manage day to day activities, handle issues and set staff levels according to needs.

At ServiceCX our WFO solution is Calabrio One.  As the service delivery partner we can implement your Calabrio solution, integrating it with your Contact Centre system.  This includes:

Call Recording

Calabrio One provides a flexible recording solution for bulk recording, or selected call and screen recording within the architecture of your contact centre.  This solution offers the best blend of functionality, architectural options, and advanced features in a cost effective package that scales. 

Download the Call Recording Brochure here:

Record every call, every time and transform customer interations into a trove of highly usable data. Guarantee 100% capture and simplify compliance.   Quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk.   Connect the Voice of the Customer with key goals across your business, features include:-

Headline QM features:

Quality Management

Extend you Call Recording application to introduce Quality Management, with call and screen recording all interactions can be fully evaluated against your specific business criteria and goals, this gives you immediate feedback on your Service delivery performance, helps train and motivate staff and sets targets for improvement. Evaluation tools, and analytics empower your managers and staff.  


Every customer interaction is an opportunity.  Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty and drive measurable impact across the business. Automate recording and reporting and streamline evaluations – so you can spend more time coaching and leading. Create shorter feedback loops to engage and motivate agents.  Use intelligent analysis to focus your attention where it matters most.  Let the voice of the customer lead the way to consistent, outstanding customer experience.  Tune out the noise and hone in on the insights you need to meet your contact centre goals and drive business value. 

Download the Quality Management Brochure here:

Workforce Management

Your Workforce Management solution must do more than forecasting and scheduling.  It should help your people to work smarter, faster and contribute something to your staff improvement plans.  ServiceCX use Calabrio WFM to give our customers an advanced toolset to optimise contact centre performance and get the best out of their contact centre staff.  


Our chosen, integrated solution, gives managers and schedulers freedom from tedious daily, monthly scheduling tasks so that they can focus on more fruitful work.  We believe that informative feedback and guidance based on real time visual context is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to helping your staff do better.

Headline WFM features:

Download the Workforce Management Brochure here:

Have you been hearing a lot recently about the rise of business analytics, customer analytics, and big data analytics—and want to learn more about this new contact center trend?

Download the Analytics brochure here:

Watch the Calabrio Analytics video (2.5 mins)

Elevate the Customer Experience

See the pain points. Identify customer friction points by monitoring interaction trends—from product or service delivery issues to snags in contact centre processes.

Know your customers’ needs before they’re spoken. Anticipate customer needs. Resolve issues faster. Deliver more personalized interactions with predictive analytics tools.

Get inside the conversation - Connect advanced speech analytics and text analytics tools across every channel. Drive consistent, omnichannel customer experiences.  


Encourage Employee Engagement

Evaluate in near real-time. Create a timely feedback loop. Give agents the personalized coaching they crave. Use desktop analytics to discover where agents get hung up.

Create intelligent benchmarks. Set smart goals. Show agents how they measure up to their peers. Inspire them to get better with click-of-a-button best practices sharing.

Improve agent performance. It’s simple. More engaged agents are better agents.

Increase operational efficiency. See the big-picture trends. Recognize your opportunities to streamline workflows. Extract insights that drive better, faster service.

Drive Key Contact Center Performance Metrics

Find the bottlenecks. See where conversations hit dead-ends. Spot the snags and the slow-downs from lethargic systems to cumbersome processes.

Mitigate risk and drive compliance. Increase script adherence. Prevent litigation and fines. Take action before issues cost you.

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